Courses & Evaluation Service

Gordon and Jocelyn are experienced tutors who have for over twenty years fostered creative writing through leading groups, writing modules and giving feedback. Their approach is always to seek out inspiring material and provide exercises which are stimulating. They believe that feedback should be honest, thoughtful and encouraging.

Correspondences for individual poets

This course is devoted exclusively to the writing of poetry. Paintings, sculpture photography, art, music, science and colour provide stimuli for an exciting and inspiring set of assignments.

Detailed feedback is provided by Gordon and Jocelyn along the way.

Thelma Laycock says, ‘I loved Correspondences and several poems I wrote were immediately successful in competitions’.

£120 for the year’s course (4 modules) or individual modules 1-4 at £35 each

Payment by cheque or Paypal transfer. For more detailed information contact Jocelyn Simms


Day, half-day and residential writing courses for groups

Gordon and Jocelyn are available for courses in UK, France and Spain. If you are a group leader please get in touch to discuss your precise requirements. We have a wide range of themes from which to choose. Our courses cover writing poetry, prose, plays and journals. We continually receive warm praise about the originality of our exercises and the quality of the materials we provide.

To discuss the possibilities contact by email or you may telephone us 00 33 (0) 5 49 80 22 96

‘Your colour-writing course was unusual and delightful with stimulating material offered in a non-threatening way. I have never attended a workshop for a group of this size in which everyone contributed in such an imaginative way.’
Anne Hendy, Bank Street Writers, Bolton.

Prices from £80 per day

Poetry Evaluation Service

We are committed to giving honest and encouraging responses that never diminish the author or extinguish the creative spirit. Our feedback will give you our overall response to your work with detailed analysis of the mechanics of the piece. We will offer suggestions as to how the poems could be developed further if appropriate and highlight areas where we think you have succeeded in reaching your aim. Many poets have found publication following our suggestions and many have gained confidence in their writing through our positive but discriminating critiques.


You really opened my eyes to so many possibilities for writing poetry.’ Ynes Paully, Belgium


Send 6 poems for evaluation to Gordon and Jocelyn as word attachments to or by post to


1, rue de la Sèvre, St Andrè-sur-Sèvre, 79380, France.