Segora Presentation Weekend, September 19th - 20th 2015

John Hudson reading from “Shapeshifter” Band at the vide grenier, St. Clémentin


The rich mix of workshops and talks on offer . . . and the great people I met gave me the lift I’d been hoping for. Gordon and Jocelyn managed the event perfectly.

An extremely enjoyable weekend in good company, with a wide range of activities. I would like to return to the 2016 festival.
Alan Clarke 

I enjoyed the literary weekend . . . brilliantly organised by Gordon and Jocelyn. The highlight for me was John Hudson’s poems “Ten metamorphoses for St. Clémentin” performed sur place. The prize-giving evening was a treat.
Jackie Maude

I found both the intelligent company and the workshops, which stretched my writing muscles in several different directions, to be invigorating and energising. Congratulations and thanks to the organisers, tutors and fellow writers!"
Alison Morton

Commemoration, Marie Magdeleine Davy, St Clémentin, October 10th 2015

Yves Airaud, Armelle Dutruc, Sylvie Hervé and Gordon Simms Dedication of square to Marie Magdeleine Davy

Click here to read "The Tomb of the Tomboy" written by Jocelyn Simms and published in Deux Sevres Monthly

What an excellent thing it is that Marie Magdeleine Davy has at last been recognised and honoured by the village.
Sally Pearson

Many thanks to Alan Clarke, Alison Morton, Sally Pearson and Peter Maw for photos